March 19, 2012

Closet Inspiration

Phew finally done with spring cleaning! On my last two days of Spring Break my mom and I cleaned out our closets including our shoes and I vowed to myself to get the kind of closet that girls dream of. I mean a girl can dream right? But seriously when I'm successful in the world I will get an amazing closet like these:

[Adore the glass cabinet in the middle] 
[All black closets are cool but I think I prefer White] 
[The Chevron pattern on the chest just sold me on it. Adore] 

[Back lighting for shoes? Love]
[A girl can dream about having this much shoes right?] 


  1. I told myself when I move out, Im gonna get a two bedroom apt, and make the second one into a closet. lol.

    1. I told myself that too! I swear having a whole room as a closet thing must be every fashionista's dream.