July 16, 2012

Things for the Dorm Room

I hope everyone had a happy Easter Weekend! I know I surely did even though my parents and I got into multiple fights but that's okay because everything works out in the end. I went to target this weekend and my mom and I spent an hour looking at the home decor shelves since Target had so many new things. I eyed a couple of pillows I wanted to buy for my dorm room next year but I decided on this Asian/French looking pillow that fits my taste perfectly. And the best part is, I can see myself using this pillow for years to come in my future bedrooms, because it goes with everything. The neon bracelet caught my eye because let's face it it's so very eye catching and for four dollars? I had to get it. I like wearing a lot of neutrals and then one bright so this bracelet can serve as my bright accessory.

July 15, 2012

I have this obsession with coffee tables and decorating them. My family's coffee table is already decorated by my mother(she shares my same obsession) so I can only wait to unleash my passion on my future coffee table. Haha, anyways I envision some nice coffee table books alternating between some beautifully bound Great Gatsby books. Come on, who doesn't need a dose of Great Gatsby? And of course it wouldn't be a coffee table without your prerequisite Chanel and Louis Vuitton book. But I have a money saving tip for all of ya'll. Go to second hand bookstores like Half Price(here in Dallas) and buy a used one there. Often it looks brand news and a fraction of a cost than an original one. And candles, I just think candles brighten up a room with their warmth. A must have in my book!

July 9, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. Life has just been insane lately: I started working more hours starting in July and I just started taking piano lessons with my Piano Performance professor for the next four years so I've been making sure that I make a good first impression.

As I'm pretty sure you all know, I'm pretty much a shopaholic but I think it's partially because I went to a Catholic high school and wore the same uniform daily, so now I'm trying to expand my closet. These are two final sale bracelets that I got from Ann Taylor when I went with my mom last weekend. The gold cuff was ten bucks and the turquoise one was 14 bucks. All in all a good deal since they both retail for forty dollars or more.

June 25, 2012


So I have been trying to find the perfect jean short for the last month and finally this weekend after trying on pair after pair of unfitting (read: unflattering) shorts I decided why not make my own from old pairs of jeans I have just lying around. These were so simple to make! All you do is flip them over, and decide how long you want your shorts to be. I advise that you cut leaving a lot of room left in case you mess up the cut or you want to fold it. If you want the cuffed shorts like I did leave an extra two inches(I folded mine twice). Make sure to cut in a slight V so it's more flattering, other than that just have fun!

June 20, 2012

My philosophy for fashion during summer is casual and colorful. I love the idea of rocking minimal makeup(some blush, lip gloss and mascara is all I need before leaving the house). As far as accesories and jewelry goes the more colorful the better. I love the idea of having a colorful arm party and wearing the quintessential Ray Ban Aviators. 

June 18, 2012

6 foods that are good for your skin

1. Avocados: Avocados are filled with essential oils and B vitamins that will nourish your skin. One specific B-complex vitamin is Niacin which is an inflammatory that soothes the skin. Avocados have 27% of your daily need of Niacin.
2. Mangoes: Mangoes are full of Vitamin A which repairs skin cells. If you have a deficiency in Vitamin A, you are likely to have dry, flaky skin. Bonus: Mangoes only have 70 calories per serving!
3. Almonds: Almonds are amazing for your skin since it is abundant with Vitamin E. In fact it has 150% of your daily need for Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps moisturize dry skin and it’s antioxidants protect against both skin damage and aging.
4. Cottage Cheese: Although Cottage cheese is filled with diary which is an essential need for humans. Selenium, not calcium is why we love Cottage Cheese for the face. Selenium like Vitamin E protects against skin damage and aging. But it also helps prevent Skin cancer and fights dandruff.
5. Acerola Cherries: These are not your regular cherries as these contain 100% of your daily need for Vitamin C. Since Vitamin C is an antioxidant it fights against skin damage and wrinkles. But Vitamin C also helps produce collagen which is the structural protein of your skin.
6. Oysters: Oysters are delicious to taste but they are also filled with Zinc. Zinc helps with the production of elasticity.
7. Baked Potato: Have a craving for french fries? Put those down and eat one baked potato. One baked potato will give you your daily need for copper which combined with Zinc and Vitamin C makes sure your skin stays healthy.
8. Mushrooms: Put down your concealer there is a natural solution that could help your blemishes. Mushrooms are abundant with Riboflavin(Vitamin B2) which helps improve skin blemishes.
9. Flaxseed Oil: For all non fish lovers out there rejoice! We all know that Omega3’s are great for the skin but did you know that Flaxseed does too?

June 13, 2012

Envy-worthy closets

Since of the most popular posts on this blog has been closets here is the second edition of the post I made several months ago. Hope you Enjoy!

June 8, 2012

Guess who is back! Yeah, Nancy! I have been SO busy between finishing papers, presentations, essays, finals, and moving out I have not had the time to blog! It's been crazy! So this post is a catch up post of things I have bought/fell in love with this past month!
The first is the E.L.F tone correcting powder for $3 at Target. I am honestly in love with this product. It is so easy to use, and actually works!

To get rid of the dark under eyes you simply use the yellow tone and apply it.
My amazing pig! He's microwavable so he can give you warm hugs!
A must read! I read it in 24 hours and LOVED it!
My new favorite drink! I got the energy one today and it actually worked and was delicious!
This was also $3 and working amazingly!

I will do another post sometime soon. Right now I need a nap!

June 5, 2012

As much as I swore I wouldn't like Pinterest in the past-I felt it was just like tumblr but for my facebook friends. My perception of it changed however when I tried it thanks to my friend Tiffany and I found all these cool DIY posts and organization/design posts and that's honestly what has me made me change my mind. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest there's a link on the sidebar which you can click. 

For those who have wanderlust-thus you travel a lot I think the two are great ideas for you.  Basically you glue sections of the world map to 3 pieces of canvas and then you can stick little pins where you have visited and when people see it they will know all the places you have been. On the right is a sort of traveling scrap booking that you can display proudly showcasing once again all the places you've been but also the mementos. On the bottom left I just have an obsession with Chanel and I think that would look amazing in a bedroom (and you can make it yourself or ask someone who's an artist to do it for you). The last one has to be my favorite chalkboard organizational tool yet. Not only do you have a menu but you also have hooks on the bottom for car keys and pockets to place magazines, bills, to do lists etc. It's a little too perfect. 

June 4, 2012

I feel like now that summer has started I've bought so many things. That may also be because I started a new job and I finally have money to buy things for myself, a bit of a reward I suppose? I went to Central Market with my family this weekend to buy some fresh vegetables and fruit to start my healthy summer diets. Right next door is a small boutique we always wondered how the boutique survived for so long. After walking in and looking around I can honestly say I don't know how that boutique lasted that long either. The clothes are over expensive(over $100 dollars even on sale) for brands I have never heard of with medium to bad quality of clothes. The only thing in this entire store that caught my eye was this bright neon print scarf. This scarf seriously looks good on everything.

June 1, 2012

For someone who loves reading getting a kindle as a graduation present is the best present possible.  My aunt gave me the Kindle Touch(the non 3G version) and I love it already! I think I have read 3 books on it in a span of a week. The Kindle claims to read like a book and I was a bit skeptical about it earlier hence why I never bought the Kindle for myself. But now that it was given to me I love it and would recommend this to anyone! 

May 29, 2012

This weekend was graduation for me and I'm honestly speechless about it all. But I will try to put into words how much it meant to me. You know since we were freshman we wished that we could have been sophomores and then when we were sophomores we couldn't wait to be underclassmen and then finally we were seniors and we just couldn't wait for that moment when we could graduate. And now the time has come and all of a sudden it just wasn't the same for us. The end of an era was coming up and we were too caught up in the hopes of a bright future. My class is a class that gets along decently but I feel on Saturday and Sunday as we were essentially saying goodbye to each other we became closer. Anyways WE DID IT! I never have to wear a plaid skirt, button down, knee socks and oxford shoes to school ever again along with that stupid navy blazer.

As a graduation gift my aunt gave me some makeup from Lancome that she has just accumulated this year(she's constantly buying stuff for those free giveaways when you spend etc.) along with my new favorite gadget the Kindle Touch! More on that tomorrow :)

May 24, 2012

Thanks to my fellow blogger and friend Ashley Chloe of daisypetalss who first bought similar shoes several months ago I decided to buy a pair for myself when I found them at the Nordstrom semi-annual sale for $50. That's a pretty sweet deal considering outside of sales like these, Sperrys rarely go on sale. These shoes are just to die for, they sparkle and bring attention to an otherwise plain shoe. So glad I didn't go for the regular Sperry. Why blend in with the crowd when you can shine?

May 23, 2012

great gatsby trailer

Today the Great Gatsby Trailer came out and I can not be more excited to see it! I read the Great Gatsby my junior year in high school and I loved it. It's such a good, exciting book and the best part for those of you who don't like reading long books its a relatively short classic. In my renewed excitement in the society of the 1920's I had to make a polyvore below. 

 [My best friend/Valedictorian of my class & me on the right] 
[Lessons for Living by Blessed John Paul II, a "presidential" pen, and a $20 Target giftcard]

The month of May has been crazy! Between taking 6 APs and graduating from high school I've just been stressed and getting ready to say goodbye. I can't help but feel an era is ending and it just feels surreal to me like a dream. Katie(one of my good friends) and I were talking about how it's always the biggest moments in life that feels like a dream. I've been so blessed these last four years, a lot of terrible things have happened to me and my school community in general but my class has survived. On Monday was our last day(not school day) we just had an assembly and had a luncheon.

My school gave each of us a gift bag filled with Lessons for Living by Blessed John Paul II which my school is named after, a "presidential" pen since presidential pencils are sought after at my school and a $20 dollar gift card to Target. Pretty generous I would say. I hope for those of you who are graduating or have graduated from high school or college this year that you are proud of your accomplishments!

May 22, 2012

As promised here are the things I bought at Target. My obsession with buying things from Target will only continue as I just received a 20 dollar gift card to Target as a graduation present from my school. I've been using Clinique Voluminousness Mascara as it came in a sample and it worked well as far as elongating my lashes went. However, being Asian my lashes are both short and straight however now they are long and straight so I needed something that would curl my lashes subtly without using either an eyelash curler or false eyelashes. I decided on Falsies after reading through many reviews of the product online and on blogs. Falsies works miracles on lashes(yes even Asian ones) giving it a subtle curl. However, the product is fairly wet and can clump easily. So that's sort of a pain.

I also got a nail filing set for a grand total of 1 dollar. Not bad huh? It comes with a nail filer(not that I ever use it) a toe nail clipper, tweezer and fingernail clipper. Since I'm going to college in the fall I knew I was going to need something like this soon.

May 20, 2012

This weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I have been able to just relax and enjoy myself as I had my last day of high school on Friday (more about that later). So while cleaning out my closet I found this metal tin box from my fossil box. I love that it looks vintage and that it's big enough to store quite a lot. I decided on storing ribbons and friendship bracelets. This weekend I was also able to get a bit of shopping in at Target so more about that tomorrow! Love you all! 

May 15, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. These two weeks have been the last two weeks of high school for me and I have had ap exams for basically the entire time. Once these last four days go by(and yes I have a countdown) I will be able to devote more or my time to this :) 

May 4, 2012

[pearl braceletchan luu lookalikesgold chained friendship braceletsbraided beaded bracelet]
I love all these bracelets but they can get rather expensive especially the Chan Luu ones who go for almost 100 dollars. I just don't think that friendship bracelets should be worth that much so why not make your own and tell everyone you know that you, yes you, made it.

April 29, 2012

As a college student you will have limited access to food and means to make anything that's actually healthy, and you have even less time to actually spend your valuable time to cook (especially in the mornings) so here is a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich.

What you'll need:
1 English muffin
1 egg
Lunch meat
Pam spray
and a microwavable dish (in our case the glass measuring cup)

What to do:

Cut the egg muffin in half and lightly toast it.

Spray the inside of you dish with pam (this will make it easier to get the egg out onto your egg muffin when ready.)

Then crack your egg into it, and place into the microwave for a minute. (Please remember to have a cover over it or you'll have to clean up!)

Once it's done place it and your meat onto the muffin and enjoy! Usually I have a fruit yogurt with it so I'm also getting dairy and fruit with this.


April 26, 2012

Yay a college post! All sarcasm aside high school is quickly winding down on some of you, and next year you'll be off to college. First though you have to go through the stress of....*gasp* orientation! The joys of walking room to room trying to get everything sorted out for the start of your college experience. Personally for mine I know we had a speech we all had to listen to before we got started. Ours was--interesting. We were divided into two different groups and had to say something about ourselves. After that we were released, my group went to lunch first and the second went to a club fair, and then we switched. Once that was finished we had to get in line to get a packet about our majors and where we were suppose to go to schedule our classes and given our Freshman reading assignment book. After that we were free to go schedule our classes. I was stupid and decided to space my classes out. Never do that. My second quarter I got a little better and blocked two days a week and had one class on the other days. This quarter I got a lot smarter and blocked, blocked, and blocked more! It might sound harder to handle but I highly recommend getting them closer together, you're less likely to skip and you're mind will already be wired for academics after your first class (with that being said if you aren't a morning person don't take anything before 11.) I hope this helped some.

Three weeks ago I started to use a couple of new products to clean my face, and decided that once a week I'd take pictures to document the changes over time. (Don't mind the pictures, they were just silly ones.)

That was me three weeks ago.

That's me today.

If you're interested in my system you should keep a few things in mind about my skin. I don't have dry or sensitive skin so while it seems like a lot to do to your face mine is harder to dry out.

Now my morning and evening routines are the exact same except every other night which you'll see. Also pictures of the products can be found in a post I made last week.

First step: Put the E.L.F zit zapper onto your problem areas, and let it dry for a minute.
Second step: Generously rub noxzema all over your face like so --->
(There's more product than shown in the picture and it also shows a huge zit I had between my eyebrows.)
And after a minute wash it off.
Third step: Apply L'Oreal Go 360 clean anti-acne break out. Wash off after a minute.
Fourth step: This is where it varies every other night. Apply L'Oreal Go 360 facial scrub. Wash off after a minute.
Fifth step: Apply E.L.F zit zapper to your problem areas (again) wait a minute.
Sixth step: Apply Neutrogena moisturizer.


Tasty Thursday