December 31, 2011

Friday Favorites

Sorry for updating this a day late but seeing as how it is the holiday season life has been hectic lately! Here's this week's favorites.

[The soap I got at Marshalls, a holiday special. It smells divine]

[I laughed when I saw this Leather Culottes would be in.]

[Got this gorgeous new belt on sale at JCrew Thurs. Coincentally
it's the same colors as Black and Gold-the song on the blog]

[This is what BroMo made my freshman theology class do.
Let's just say I'm glad I'm a Senior]

December 29, 2011

Music Reviews

Since one of my favorite things in the world is music(coincidentally the exact thing I am majoring in starting next year) I figured it would be appropriate for me to write reviews on songs/albums. These would be all of my personal opinions not those made my seasoned critics etc. All my songs that I review will range from very popular i.e(mainstream) to some music that is on the album that may not be as popular. I am also going to do songs that I listen too although of course you are welcome to give me song suggestions below or on twitter @sophfemme.

So I decided that the first song I'm going to review is Million Bucks by Cimorelli. This group of girls are a youtube sensation with 450,373 subscribers. I started watching them when they placed their first video: Party in The USA way back in 2008. The group members consist of Christina(the oldest and the leader) Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani. They just released an EP with five covers and one original song Million Bucks which was written by all the sisters.
[From Left to Right: Katherine, Lisa, Dani, Lauren, Christina and Amy]
Possibly the thing I love most about Cimorelli is the fact that all 6 are stars. While other groups have one main singer Cimorelli changes the lead vocals for every song based on their individual talents.

In a youtube video posted on their website they explained that the song originated from a poem by Katherine Cimorelli. All the girls suggested things they wanted in the future and Christina being the only one with a boyfriend wrote about things that actually happened. All in all, I love the song. It's original in the vein of Jessie J's single Price Tag. It's got a catchy melody and good lyrics backed up by the girl's famous harmonizing. I suggest everyone to buy their EP and watch their videos.

What do I need for college?

As a request Charline asked me to make a list of things she'll need next year for college. Seeing as I went into this blind I'm more than happy to help others out so they don't have the same experience I did. This list will be sorted out by room and for certain areas there will be farther separation due to suite living or old fashion dorm living.

The bedroom-
What you should realize when preparing to move is that you only have so much space of your own. Do take storage, but only as much as you'll use. Anything beyond that is to much. Also remember that the space you have is shared, so be considerate in how much you take. You don't want the person/people you're living with hate you.

*Bedding (Pillows, pillow cases, several sets of sheets both fitted and loose, a comforter, a spare blanket)
*Back pillow. I can't tell you how many times I sit in bed on my laptop or studying. They cost about $10 but a trip to your chiropractor is more.
*Underbed storage. It will save your life.
*Decorations. I can't stress enough how depressing your room is without them.
*A T.V if you want one.
*A DVD player if you want one
*A desk lamp
*A floor lamp
*A full length mirror

The Bathroom
The first set will be for both kids, the second set will be for community, and the third will be for suite.
*Towels! Hand, body, washclothes!
*A robe
*A shower caddy
*a loufa
-The next few things buy in bulk!
*Body wash
*make up cleaner
*face cleanser
*mouth wash
*Hair brush
*Hair ties
*Bobby pins
*Head bands

Second set
*Shower shoes
(I can't really think of anything else...)

Third set
*Toilet paper
*a trash can
*Shower curtain
*Shower liner
*bath set (bath rug, toilet covering)
*toilet bowl cleaner

Obviously from here on out these are for suite living unless I put a second * by it at the end.

The kitchen
*Cooking ware
*Mixing bowl
*Water filter
*Measuring cup
*Measuring tools
*Dish drainer
*Dish soap
*Coffee maker
*Coffee filters
Food wise:
*Salt and Pepper
*Meals to actually make!

The living room
*A T.V
*A DVD player
*Plants (they make it feel A LOT more home-y)
*A clock
*Extra lamps

Extras/cleaning stuff
*A sweeper
*A fan
*Any cleaner you can even think of! YOU WILL NEED IT ALL! I PROMISE!

Wardrobe wise
*Pretty much all of it that you'll ever wear. You should have enough room to fit most of roommate did and if she can? Anyone can.
*As for shoes, bring about 2 of every kind. These aren't as easy to find room for.
*Scarves? It depends on where you live and how cold it gets.

Also bring your make-up and school supplies!

December 27, 2011

Christmas presents

Looking back now I got a lot for Christmas this year. Here's a few pictures (sorry for the terrible quality) as well as a list of everything else that I was given this year. I'm extremely lucky to have such a wonderful family.
I have been a huge Baltimore Ravens fan for so long now. My aunt went to the mall and found this, so how could she dream of passing it up? It was the first present I unwrapped this year and by far one of my favorites. 

I actually asked for Miracle or Rent but my dad couldn't find either of them and knew that The Blindside is one of my favorite movies of all time. I've seen it way to many times but had no problem re-watching it Christmas night. I live by saying, What would Mrs. Tuohy do? 

It's no huge secret that I attend OSU. My aunt saw these earrings and thought they'd be perfect for a tacky OSU party. Or just to wear during Michigan week when we go all out and wear anything OSU related. 

My last present from my aunt. You can't tell but there's diamonds surrounding the pearl. It's a simple yet beautiful set. She's really wonderful like that. 

This picture is terrible but it's a small necklace that is an angel with my birthstone as it's heart. Considering I got birthstone earrings from my best friend for Christmas this is wonderful. 

Okay I'm not going to lie. This is my second favorite gift. It's just so gorgeous that I'm dying to go back to school and wear it. I already have the perfect outfit in mind. 

Now my uncle had no idea what to buy me this year. So instead of messing it up he bought me a $25 visa card. I was going to purchase a hoodie just like this on Ebay last night but it wouldn't go through. Today I went to the mall and the sports memorabilia store didn't have one! Seriously?! I was so discouraged and several stores later we went to the sports equipment store and found this beauty for $21. I am SO in love with it. 

I actually received this weeks ago so I could read it before anyone ruined it for me, but I still love it!

Things not pictured:
My earrings I got from my best friend...they're gorgeous and I'm sure I'll do a post on them later.
A perfume I got from my best friend
The Hawaiian coffee she had her family send her that I'm now ADDICTED too.
2 Victoria Secret bras I got
a package of socks as well as my special fuzzy socks
A pair of slippers that were actually my dad's present but I kidnapped them and he let me keep them.
3 pairs of leggings in black, brown, and navy.
a thermal shirt
And my books for next quarter.

College student trendy

Do you remember months ago when I said to never, ever, ever wear leggings as pants? Well I take it back. Leggings are a college girl's best friend. They're easily versatile to fit any mood that you're in as well as comfortable! Also for those of us who have to walk the entire campus to get from class to class it's a pain to wear sweats when we want to be comfortable and it's raining outside. So leggings are a great option.

Now how will I be wearing this? Easy. A pair of simply leggings with an over-sized hoodie, Ugg boots, and messy hair. It's college girl chic. I'm excited to go to class in this. Especially with my newest addition to my winter wardrobe. A gorgeous UT hoodie that I will be all snuggled in as well as a pair of leggings tomorrow night as they play their last game of the season. HOOK 'EM!


Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas. I just wanted to say I feel very blessed with everything God has given me the past year and I really do thank my family and friends for their generous gifts! So the picture above is of the Pluto pen that one of my best guy friends (one of my big brothers) gave me. I love it! It's not really a good pen writing wise but it's so cute with its floppy ears who couldn't love it!

These boxes of amazing chocolates were given to me by my Aunt. She's in Taiwan right now and she promised me that she would give me my non edible part of my Christmas gift when she comes back. But I think these chocolates will tide me over well until then.

Then I got two books in stocking Christmas morning which I was really really excited for seeing as how I love books. I already started reading both of them and they are to die for! So excited!!!

[the other book]

December 23, 2011

My mom and I went on a trip to Ulta and grabbed this beauty for $4 I think? My mom originally was going to go to either the Body Shop or Bath and Body Works but when she realized that the prices were similar she thought this would be better. I've used it for the last week and I genuinely love it. It's not too oily so I can put it on before piano and not slide all over the place which is a real plus. Also they claim that just a dab heals dry skin and so far it has been doing that. I got the original hand cream which smells like a light version of Happy by Clinique which I also have.

I opened up my first presents last night from my cousins since they are going to the Gaylord tonight and tomorrow as we usually spend Christmas together. Anyways they got me this gorgeous charm bracelet and a plaid jacket. Here's the charm bracelet which I've been eyeing for a while now so I'm so happy they brought it for me! The Plaid jacket I have to find a way to photograph for you all, maybe I'll show it to you in a future OOTD post!

December 13, 2011

Currently Obsessed:Scarves

Currently Obsessed:Scarves

I just started wearing scarves this season(I honestly don't know why I didn't earlier) and I have fallen in love with them! Since I'm in my senior year in a Catholic High school the only way to express yourself is through accessories and while scarves aren't really allowed in school as a senior I could really care less. Anyways my mom and I just recently got the pinkish red Burberry scarf up there mostly because the color is gorgeous and it's not the color that everyone and their mom has(no pun intended). Chunky scarves have been a favorite of fashion bloggers this season and I think it looks gorgeous as more of an understated casual look. Personally I prefer to go with cashmere basic scarves or print scarves. Nancy, my partner in crime is working right now on a video on how to wear your scarves. Hoped you enjoy this :)

December 7, 2011

Winter Wishist

Winter Wishist

This is my winter wishlist. While a lot of these are very expensive and it will be hard for me to get all of these things I figured this would help me buy everything I need and want instead of impulse buying.

1. NorthFace Jacket: I honestly do not know why I do not have a NorthFace jacket yet but I definitely plan on getting one this winter. I need a good thick jacket for the cold winter months that we are beginning to experience in Dallas.
2. Michael Kors Wallet and Crossbody bag: The Crossbody bag has been on my wishlist since last month when my mom and I visited the Michael Kors store. Lately I have been loving the Crossbody style of bags and I love the design of the MK along with the fact that I don't have any white bags.
3. Sunglasses: Growing up I was not a big fan of sunglasses but lately I have been loving sunglasses. (Don't ask how I survive the blistering hot summers in Dallas without sunglasses...)
4. Hoodies: At home I always wear my sweatshirts and sweatpants with sweater uggs.Going through my closet I realized I only had 3 sweatshirts left that were my size. Definitely a need to get some sweatshirts and Pink has some of the cutest ones.
5. Party Dresses: The winter season calls for a LOT of parties which means a lot of party dresses. While I do have some winter dresses I need some new ones.
6. Naked 2: The only eyeshadows I wear are the neutral ones and Naked has the best neutral eyeshadows.
7. Neutral nailpolishes: As a piano player I can't wear bright nailpolishes or fake nails so the only real option I have is Au natural or neutral.
8. Burberry Scarves: These are expensive and if I get the Michael Kors Crossbody then I can't get these.
9. Gloves: Never was a big fan of gloves but lately playing piano in the cold is very tough and now gloves are welcome in my book.

Music Thoughts

A lot of people view music as something good to listen too, they like nothing more than a song with a good beat and fun lyrics. Songs to dance to, songs to party with but that in itself has nothing to do with good music. Good music has the ability to inspire you to be better, to work hard, to go for your dreams. But not only that, music soothes the soul in fact one could argue music-no art is the soul. “Art is the stored honey of the human soul” I have so many people come tell me that my music has inspired them, has made them sad, has made them reflect on their life. See music is not just about the technique although lord knows you need that too it’s about the heart, the soul, what makes music well music. So I encourage you the next time you listen to music think about the lyrics, let the notes sink into you; you will turn out for the better I promise.

Starting Fresh

Just wanted a new blog for myself since I also own sophfemme on tumblr with nanc. In a way I just wanted to reserve sophfemme (the username) for myself so yeah :) I may decide to post on here more than on tumblr you never know