July 16, 2012

Things for the Dorm Room

I hope everyone had a happy Easter Weekend! I know I surely did even though my parents and I got into multiple fights but that's okay because everything works out in the end. I went to target this weekend and my mom and I spent an hour looking at the home decor shelves since Target had so many new things. I eyed a couple of pillows I wanted to buy for my dorm room next year but I decided on this Asian/French looking pillow that fits my taste perfectly. And the best part is, I can see myself using this pillow for years to come in my future bedrooms, because it goes with everything. The neon bracelet caught my eye because let's face it it's so very eye catching and for four dollars? I had to get it. I like wearing a lot of neutrals and then one bright so this bracelet can serve as my bright accessory.

July 15, 2012

I have this obsession with coffee tables and decorating them. My family's coffee table is already decorated by my mother(she shares my same obsession) so I can only wait to unleash my passion on my future coffee table. Haha, anyways I envision some nice coffee table books alternating between some beautifully bound Great Gatsby books. Come on, who doesn't need a dose of Great Gatsby? And of course it wouldn't be a coffee table without your prerequisite Chanel and Louis Vuitton book. But I have a money saving tip for all of ya'll. Go to second hand bookstores like Half Price(here in Dallas) and buy a used one there. Often it looks brand news and a fraction of a cost than an original one. And candles, I just think candles brighten up a room with their warmth. A must have in my book!

July 9, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. Life has just been insane lately: I started working more hours starting in July and I just started taking piano lessons with my Piano Performance professor for the next four years so I've been making sure that I make a good first impression.

As I'm pretty sure you all know, I'm pretty much a shopaholic but I think it's partially because I went to a Catholic high school and wore the same uniform daily, so now I'm trying to expand my closet. These are two final sale bracelets that I got from Ann Taylor when I went with my mom last weekend. The gold cuff was ten bucks and the turquoise one was 14 bucks. All in all a good deal since they both retail for forty dollars or more.