July 15, 2012

I have this obsession with coffee tables and decorating them. My family's coffee table is already decorated by my mother(she shares my same obsession) so I can only wait to unleash my passion on my future coffee table. Haha, anyways I envision some nice coffee table books alternating between some beautifully bound Great Gatsby books. Come on, who doesn't need a dose of Great Gatsby? And of course it wouldn't be a coffee table without your prerequisite Chanel and Louis Vuitton book. But I have a money saving tip for all of ya'll. Go to second hand bookstores like Half Price(here in Dallas) and buy a used one there. Often it looks brand news and a fraction of a cost than an original one. And candles, I just think candles brighten up a room with their warmth. A must have in my book!

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