May 22, 2012

As promised here are the things I bought at Target. My obsession with buying things from Target will only continue as I just received a 20 dollar gift card to Target as a graduation present from my school. I've been using Clinique Voluminousness Mascara as it came in a sample and it worked well as far as elongating my lashes went. However, being Asian my lashes are both short and straight however now they are long and straight so I needed something that would curl my lashes subtly without using either an eyelash curler or false eyelashes. I decided on Falsies after reading through many reviews of the product online and on blogs. Falsies works miracles on lashes(yes even Asian ones) giving it a subtle curl. However, the product is fairly wet and can clump easily. So that's sort of a pain.

I also got a nail filing set for a grand total of 1 dollar. Not bad huh? It comes with a nail filer(not that I ever use it) a toe nail clipper, tweezer and fingernail clipper. Since I'm going to college in the fall I knew I was going to need something like this soon.

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