May 29, 2012

This weekend was graduation for me and I'm honestly speechless about it all. But I will try to put into words how much it meant to me. You know since we were freshman we wished that we could have been sophomores and then when we were sophomores we couldn't wait to be underclassmen and then finally we were seniors and we just couldn't wait for that moment when we could graduate. And now the time has come and all of a sudden it just wasn't the same for us. The end of an era was coming up and we were too caught up in the hopes of a bright future. My class is a class that gets along decently but I feel on Saturday and Sunday as we were essentially saying goodbye to each other we became closer. Anyways WE DID IT! I never have to wear a plaid skirt, button down, knee socks and oxford shoes to school ever again along with that stupid navy blazer.

As a graduation gift my aunt gave me some makeup from Lancome that she has just accumulated this year(she's constantly buying stuff for those free giveaways when you spend etc.) along with my new favorite gadget the Kindle Touch! More on that tomorrow :)

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