May 23, 2012

 [My best friend/Valedictorian of my class & me on the right] 
[Lessons for Living by Blessed John Paul II, a "presidential" pen, and a $20 Target giftcard]

The month of May has been crazy! Between taking 6 APs and graduating from high school I've just been stressed and getting ready to say goodbye. I can't help but feel an era is ending and it just feels surreal to me like a dream. Katie(one of my good friends) and I were talking about how it's always the biggest moments in life that feels like a dream. I've been so blessed these last four years, a lot of terrible things have happened to me and my school community in general but my class has survived. On Monday was our last day(not school day) we just had an assembly and had a luncheon.

My school gave each of us a gift bag filled with Lessons for Living by Blessed John Paul II which my school is named after, a "presidential" pen since presidential pencils are sought after at my school and a $20 dollar gift card to Target. Pretty generous I would say. I hope for those of you who are graduating or have graduated from high school or college this year that you are proud of your accomplishments!

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  1. Congrats! It's awesome your school gave everyone a little gift bag :]