June 5, 2012

As much as I swore I wouldn't like Pinterest in the past-I felt it was just like tumblr but for my facebook friends. My perception of it changed however when I tried it thanks to my friend Tiffany and I found all these cool DIY posts and organization/design posts and that's honestly what has me made me change my mind. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest there's a link on the sidebar which you can click. 

For those who have wanderlust-thus you travel a lot I think the two are great ideas for you.  Basically you glue sections of the world map to 3 pieces of canvas and then you can stick little pins where you have visited and when people see it they will know all the places you have been. On the right is a sort of traveling scrap booking that you can display proudly showcasing once again all the places you've been but also the mementos. On the bottom left I just have an obsession with Chanel and I think that would look amazing in a bedroom (and you can make it yourself or ask someone who's an artist to do it for you). The last one has to be my favorite chalkboard organizational tool yet. Not only do you have a menu but you also have hooks on the bottom for car keys and pockets to place magazines, bills, to do lists etc. It's a little too perfect. 

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