April 29, 2012

As a college student you will have limited access to food and means to make anything that's actually healthy, and you have even less time to actually spend your valuable time to cook (especially in the mornings) so here is a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich.

What you'll need:
1 English muffin
1 egg
Lunch meat
Pam spray
and a microwavable dish (in our case the glass measuring cup)

What to do:

Cut the egg muffin in half and lightly toast it.

Spray the inside of you dish with pam (this will make it easier to get the egg out onto your egg muffin when ready.)

Then crack your egg into it, and place into the microwave for a minute. (Please remember to have a cover over it or you'll have to clean up!)

Once it's done place it and your meat onto the muffin and enjoy! Usually I have a fruit yogurt with it so I'm also getting dairy and fruit with this.


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