April 26, 2012

Three weeks ago I started to use a couple of new products to clean my face, and decided that once a week I'd take pictures to document the changes over time. (Don't mind the pictures, they were just silly ones.)

That was me three weeks ago.

That's me today.

If you're interested in my system you should keep a few things in mind about my skin. I don't have dry or sensitive skin so while it seems like a lot to do to your face mine is harder to dry out.

Now my morning and evening routines are the exact same except every other night which you'll see. Also pictures of the products can be found in a post I made last week.

First step: Put the E.L.F zit zapper onto your problem areas, and let it dry for a minute.
Second step: Generously rub noxzema all over your face like so --->
(There's more product than shown in the picture and it also shows a huge zit I had between my eyebrows.)
And after a minute wash it off.
Third step: Apply L'Oreal Go 360 clean anti-acne break out. Wash off after a minute.
Fourth step: This is where it varies every other night. Apply L'Oreal Go 360 facial scrub. Wash off after a minute.
Fifth step: Apply E.L.F zit zapper to your problem areas (again) wait a minute.
Sixth step: Apply Neutrogena moisturizer.


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