April 19, 2012

Someone has been a terrible blogger! But between school and going home every weekend for five weeks I've barely had any time to catch up. As it is I have five weeks left of my freshman year in college. How INSANE is that? FIVE weeks LEFT of MY FRESHMAN year in COLLEGE! It's just...CRAZY! Plus I've been working insanely hard on two 12 page final papers I have to write, but I've given myself this week off to catch a breath before diving back into work on them next week. What a joy! Anyways I wanted to do this post on things I've bought in the last month and a few new beauty products I have fallen IN love with as well as how my posts will work from now on.

Yesterday I made a wal-mart run with my roommate. She needed to get a few products and I decided to just look around. I saw this E.L.F zip zapper for a $1. I was like "Well it's just a dollar. If it works, fantastic! Best dollar I ever spent. If it doesn't, well it's just a dollar." I used it last night and I woke up with my zits reduced SO much and in some cases completely gone. I am TOTALLY buying this product again. Well worth 10x it's costs.

I actually didn't buy this one. My roommate did, but decided to try a different product instead. We got two rave reviews from a friend of mine and her uncle who's mom used it. So far it's working amazingly. It's $4.50 for a HUGE container of it. I recommend it.

My baby<3 I am now OBSESSED with the L'Oreal go 360 clean products. I bought the exfoliate wash last week (farther in this post) and decided to invest in the anti-breakout wash as well. It was $4.50. All of which you can find at wal-mart. 

Okay, I personally did not purchase this, but it was an Easter present from my roommate and best friend. It's the Sonya Kashuk travel brush set from Target for $20. Best brushes ever. I am never using anyone else's

My roommate was the first to buy their moisturizer and once she raved about it I gave in (mostly because I needed one..)

The L'Oreal go 360 exfoliate scrub

I'm a huge Fructis girl. So of course when I ran out of heat protectant I ran right to them. $3.60 a bottle compared to $13 like the chi? Um yeah. I wonder why. Plus you get more!

Okay I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty obsessed with this 'gel' right now, let me explain why. In the bottle it's actually a gel, then when it comes out it's a spray, and when it's in your hair it gels again. It's actually amazing, and it's a fast and simple way to get beach waves in five minutes. Wet your hair, spray it, go.

I never heard of this before recently. My roommate bought a LED lamp and the special polish to go over regular nail polish to be able to use it. Basically you paint them like you usually would. Base coat, pain, just with a special top coat, and put them in this baby for 4-5 minutes and volia! You have beautiful looking nails that you can't mess up! All for $50.

Now before you judge me as a rich snobby type for owning a Vera Wang bag, this was actually my aunts. She wasn't using it anymore and knew how much I loved it so she gave it to me as a "I'm proud you're actually doing something with your life" gift.

These simple beauties were exactly $3! And so comfy!

Just a pair of shorts for class and working out it

A track jacket for cold mornings, I have a matching pair of shorts too.

Sperry knock offs. I love them though and only $7!

A beautiful tank top

A pair of yoga pants (I also went back and bought a pair with a hot pink band.)

My Easter dress

Nude airfoam foundation, I love it.

RED lipstick. I love their lipsticks!

I also recently invested in a brand new camera (a Nokia coolpix L26. Which all of these and my future posts will be using) and an ipad 2. Both of which I love!

Now for the fun part!
Tuesdays will be my college posts days (any advice you may want about classes, dorms, what to buy, what kind of classes to take, how to schedule, ANYTHING! I am more than willing to answer anything!)
Thursdays will be dedicated to any new fashion/beauty/hair products or styles I fall in love with that week or just anything beauty related!
Fridays will be my photography posts! I'll be posting a new (and exclusive!) photo on here every Friday from that week. If you're interested I also run a photography blog on tumblr Zellesphotography
and on Saturdays I will be doing food posts! Simple/quick/easy meals to make, what to buy, what's healthy, ect. So be on the look out for those!

I LOVE YOU ALL! (and mostly Charline for being so patient with me!)

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