April 26, 2012

Yay a college post! All sarcasm aside high school is quickly winding down on some of you, and next year you'll be off to college. First though you have to go through the stress of....*gasp* orientation! The joys of walking room to room trying to get everything sorted out for the start of your college experience. Personally for mine I know we had a speech we all had to listen to before we got started. Ours was--interesting. We were divided into two different groups and had to say something about ourselves. After that we were released, my group went to lunch first and the second went to a club fair, and then we switched. Once that was finished we had to get in line to get a packet about our majors and where we were suppose to go to schedule our classes and given our Freshman reading assignment book. After that we were free to go schedule our classes. I was stupid and decided to space my classes out. Never do that. My second quarter I got a little better and blocked two days a week and had one class on the other days. This quarter I got a lot smarter and blocked, blocked, and blocked more! It might sound harder to handle but I highly recommend getting them closer together, you're less likely to skip and you're mind will already be wired for academics after your first class (with that being said if you aren't a morning person don't take anything before 11.) I hope this helped some.


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