January 29, 2012

It's almost Feburary which means a lot of you who are seniors in high school are preparing to get your college letters and figuring out your plans for next year, which will include what do you need for your dorm! No fears I'm here to give you some ideas and help you out! I recently got a new roommate and our room is the most relaxing space in the world and I'm going to help you by showing you pictures of our room and giving you prices and places we got most of our stuff (*cough* target *cough*)

We bought this white board for $1 at Target. It came with a marker, eraser, and those 2 magnets. A steal much? As you can see we have the days of the week written with our first name initials beside each (V for my roommate, N for me!) so we can know when we have papers or exams the following week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can also see where I have other notes written, that's for the class we share on those days. Also you can see my birthday on there. This Saturday I'll be 19! I feel so old!

This is our closet! The teal and green side is hers, the pink is mine! I got my hamper for $2.50 at Target! My pink hanging shelf also came from Target at the same price. My trash can came from Wal-mart for $5 I believe. And my drawers came from Wal-mart for $12.

Our top shelf. All the cubes came from Target. Mine were $2.50 and her's were a $1 (but mine are bigger so there's a reason!) They seriously help with organizing SO much. I'd invest for sure! My farthest one has my scarves and purses (which is A LOT!), my second one has almost all my shoes (minus my boots, which I mean that's still a lot of shoes!), and lastly my other one has spare things like shampoo and conditioner and body wash.

Okay I'm not going to lie. I love this the most. It's a little pink bucket my aunt bought in September for a $1 at  Dollar General. Originally all of my "medical" supplies was in there in the bathroom. However once those found a home in my drawers I needed to find a new use for my bucket! So I moved it back into my room and put my slippers in there. How cute?

My hangers! Before they were such a mess! Now I only have white, black, and pink hangers (and 2 pants hangers but I mean...those don't count!), the white hangers have all of my dresses and my dress shirts, the black hangers are my outer wear, and the pink are my hoodies!

My medical drawer! Cough drops, band-aids, nightquil, sleep pills, EVERYTHING! I have in there.

My hair drawer! As you can tell my hair spray, curling iron, heat protectant, bobby pins, hair ties, and a clip!

My make up drawer. There's a lot more it's all hiding!

My shower caddy! ($1 at the dollar store). I have this featured to show you what to put in yours (or what I put in mine!) I have my shampoo, conditioned, body wash, my entire whitening system, and my entire face cleaning system so it does hold a lot!

My bed! I love my bed! The comforter set was $49 at Target, the fleece blanket was $20 at Target, the back pillow was $11 at Wal-mart. And that Texas hoodie is there by accident I swear! I wore it to bed last night till I was to hot to wear it and just cuddled it instead and then when I was making my bed I just folded it so I left it there! Though I'm sure Charline is going to love seeing it there xD

Above my bed! I LOVE THIS! We got those two photographs at Wal-mart for $10 and that lamp which I LOVE from Target for $30.

My cute little pink cute with a polar bear on it. (Cube- $1 at dollar general)

Our DVD collection that we hide in my cube xD

Her paintings! I love them! $15 at Jo'Ann fabrics each

Her desk!

Our dressers

Her bed (bedding from Target)

Her paintings above her bed (Also $15 each at Jo'Ann Fabrics)

My desk!

My crazy little thing! I don't know how to describe it! It has my jewelry, my EOS chapsticks, my card keys, my nail polish and removed, all my perfumes, my change box, my lotions, and my face wipes.

$1 at Target!

My jewelry inside it

$1 at Target!

My sprays and brush inside it

My "school" drawer. My flash cards, pencils, and French CDs.

My "Everything"drawer. My books, my wallet, my buckeyes, my batteries, my little journals, my earphones, my candy, my floss, my crayons, and a spatula? Don't ask!

My psych book, football notebook, hole puncher, and pens/highlighters/flash drives/everything ever

And lastly my "junk" drawer. My dream catcher, flash light, and spare chargers.

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