January 31, 2012

Dream wedding (warning random thoughts so it doesn't make sense!)

I don't know why but lately I've been thinking a lot about my dream wedding. When I was younger I always had a dream about a huge lavish princess wedding though recently I've come to realize that's not what I want at all. I actually want a fairly small wedding. And it wasn't until really recently I realized I want an outdoor wedding. So I just want to talk about the details for some reason...to have them written somewhere for whenever my magical day arrives. My dream engagement ring is rather flashy. I want a square halo ring, it's gorgeous and I feel like I will always love my ring. As for my wedding ring I want a simple diamond filled band the same width as the band of my engagement ring. I've sat long and hard on this. I've always wanted to be married on December 21st (long story) but with wanting an outdoor wedding that simply isn't possible. So instead of having my wedding on December 21st I'll be married by the state on that date and then have the wedding the following April on the 22nd (a long story.) My colors are going to be lilac (my grandma's favorite color was lilac) and silver (it's the color of the ribbon for lung cancer which my grandpa died of). I want to have lilies and daisies as my flowers, although I'm not to picky about those although I must have some lilac flowers in my arrangements (my grandma's favorite flowers. They'll have to be fake though because my other grandma is allergic.) As for location I want it to be in the woods. Not deep into the woods but I want trees surrounding the area that have trunks wrapped in white lights with little lanterns strung on the branches with lit candles. I want dark wood chairs for the guests (which will be a small amount). And a simple archway. As for time I want it to be around twilight so the sun is setting. My reception will be held in a nearby barn with lanterns strung from the rafters and lavish tables with a view to a field with lanterns and lights strung nearby so it's lit up for a dance floor. Lastly my gown. I want a simple lace gown with a high neck and a deep back cup out with peal buttons that go to from the small of my back to the bottom of the cut out and from the top of the cut out clear to the top of the neck.

I hope that made some sense...

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