January 27, 2012

The rinse! Not the best tasting in the world, but you have to pay a price for a white smile!

The paste. Not a huge fan of having to brush this onto my teeth but a bright smile is worth the minute from looking like an idiot.

The light. My favorite! I love it even if I look like a moron for 2 minutes!

The toothpaste. Taste horrible but white teeth are worth that price, aren't they?
A few weeks ago I wanted to buy a whitening system. Easily done, right? I knew what I wanted. My roommate has the 14 day white strips and they came with another set of white stripes to help keep your teeth white after. I wanted that. Low and behold the wal-mart I went to didn't have that. I could buy the 14 day strips, but I wanted it all. Another system caught our eyes though, and without much thinking we bought it. It's called the Luster Premium 1 hour white. Can I just say how in love I am with it? It's the most perfect system in the entire world! For $40 you get a 8 oz of whitening wash (which amounts to about 20-30 rinses), 10 mL of "super whitener" (which is also 20-30 uses), and a light (that you can use as long as you replace the batteries!) after 3 uses you can see a difference in your smile. I use it in the morning and before bed and within a week my smile is almost flawless. I swear I would preach this product to anyone who ever asked me about it. I love it so much and it's such a good investment! I simply can't say enough about it! Also they have a special whitening tooth paste for $7 that I would totally buy as well! (Which I did! Also invest in a new toothbrush. Seriously, I can't imagine using my old one even though I JUST bought it in September.)

Also this weekend be looking forward to a dorm closet organization post, room tricks, and desk organization!    Fun stuff waiting for you!

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