January 3, 2012

Valentine's day is quickly approaching and I bought Valentine's Day gifts for 3 very special ladies in my life! (Since I don't have a boyfriend to share it with, might as well spoil those who mean the most to me, right?) So  I went to Target and spent roughly $7 on each person (not a lot but still!) so here's what I bought (everything was $1)

This box is Charline's! (Yes the lovely co-owner of this blog!)

I forgot to mention I bought myself a box too, didn't I?

My roommate's box! They each got a lotion, matching bubble bath, flower pot, box of chocolate's, nail polish, and a special gift. My roommate got a pink candle lighter as a gag gift because we tried to buy one in December and we couldn't find any and now we see them everywhere! So I went ahead and bought her one.

My best friend's!

Have a happy Single Awareness day!

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