December 27, 2011

Christmas presents

Looking back now I got a lot for Christmas this year. Here's a few pictures (sorry for the terrible quality) as well as a list of everything else that I was given this year. I'm extremely lucky to have such a wonderful family.
I have been a huge Baltimore Ravens fan for so long now. My aunt went to the mall and found this, so how could she dream of passing it up? It was the first present I unwrapped this year and by far one of my favorites. 

I actually asked for Miracle or Rent but my dad couldn't find either of them and knew that The Blindside is one of my favorite movies of all time. I've seen it way to many times but had no problem re-watching it Christmas night. I live by saying, What would Mrs. Tuohy do? 

It's no huge secret that I attend OSU. My aunt saw these earrings and thought they'd be perfect for a tacky OSU party. Or just to wear during Michigan week when we go all out and wear anything OSU related. 

My last present from my aunt. You can't tell but there's diamonds surrounding the pearl. It's a simple yet beautiful set. She's really wonderful like that. 

This picture is terrible but it's a small necklace that is an angel with my birthstone as it's heart. Considering I got birthstone earrings from my best friend for Christmas this is wonderful. 

Okay I'm not going to lie. This is my second favorite gift. It's just so gorgeous that I'm dying to go back to school and wear it. I already have the perfect outfit in mind. 

Now my uncle had no idea what to buy me this year. So instead of messing it up he bought me a $25 visa card. I was going to purchase a hoodie just like this on Ebay last night but it wouldn't go through. Today I went to the mall and the sports memorabilia store didn't have one! Seriously?! I was so discouraged and several stores later we went to the sports equipment store and found this beauty for $21. I am SO in love with it. 

I actually received this weeks ago so I could read it before anyone ruined it for me, but I still love it!

Things not pictured:
My earrings I got from my best friend...they're gorgeous and I'm sure I'll do a post on them later.
A perfume I got from my best friend
The Hawaiian coffee she had her family send her that I'm now ADDICTED too.
2 Victoria Secret bras I got
a package of socks as well as my special fuzzy socks
A pair of slippers that were actually my dad's present but I kidnapped them and he let me keep them.
3 pairs of leggings in black, brown, and navy.
a thermal shirt
And my books for next quarter.

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