December 7, 2011

Music Thoughts

A lot of people view music as something good to listen too, they like nothing more than a song with a good beat and fun lyrics. Songs to dance to, songs to party with but that in itself has nothing to do with good music. Good music has the ability to inspire you to be better, to work hard, to go for your dreams. But not only that, music soothes the soul in fact one could argue music-no art is the soul. “Art is the stored honey of the human soul” I have so many people come tell me that my music has inspired them, has made them sad, has made them reflect on their life. See music is not just about the technique although lord knows you need that too it’s about the heart, the soul, what makes music well music. So I encourage you the next time you listen to music think about the lyrics, let the notes sink into you; you will turn out for the better I promise.

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