December 23, 2011

My mom and I went on a trip to Ulta and grabbed this beauty for $4 I think? My mom originally was going to go to either the Body Shop or Bath and Body Works but when she realized that the prices were similar she thought this would be better. I've used it for the last week and I genuinely love it. It's not too oily so I can put it on before piano and not slide all over the place which is a real plus. Also they claim that just a dab heals dry skin and so far it has been doing that. I got the original hand cream which smells like a light version of Happy by Clinique which I also have.

I opened up my first presents last night from my cousins since they are going to the Gaylord tonight and tomorrow as we usually spend Christmas together. Anyways they got me this gorgeous charm bracelet and a plaid jacket. Here's the charm bracelet which I've been eyeing for a while now so I'm so happy they brought it for me! The Plaid jacket I have to find a way to photograph for you all, maybe I'll show it to you in a future OOTD post!

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