December 27, 2011

College student trendy

Do you remember months ago when I said to never, ever, ever wear leggings as pants? Well I take it back. Leggings are a college girl's best friend. They're easily versatile to fit any mood that you're in as well as comfortable! Also for those of us who have to walk the entire campus to get from class to class it's a pain to wear sweats when we want to be comfortable and it's raining outside. So leggings are a great option.

Now how will I be wearing this? Easy. A pair of simply leggings with an over-sized hoodie, Ugg boots, and messy hair. It's college girl chic. I'm excited to go to class in this. Especially with my newest addition to my winter wardrobe. A gorgeous UT hoodie that I will be all snuggled in as well as a pair of leggings tomorrow night as they play their last game of the season. HOOK 'EM!


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