December 29, 2011

Music Reviews

Since one of my favorite things in the world is music(coincidentally the exact thing I am majoring in starting next year) I figured it would be appropriate for me to write reviews on songs/albums. These would be all of my personal opinions not those made my seasoned critics etc. All my songs that I review will range from very popular i.e(mainstream) to some music that is on the album that may not be as popular. I am also going to do songs that I listen too although of course you are welcome to give me song suggestions below or on twitter @sophfemme.

So I decided that the first song I'm going to review is Million Bucks by Cimorelli. This group of girls are a youtube sensation with 450,373 subscribers. I started watching them when they placed their first video: Party in The USA way back in 2008. The group members consist of Christina(the oldest and the leader) Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani. They just released an EP with five covers and one original song Million Bucks which was written by all the sisters.
[From Left to Right: Katherine, Lisa, Dani, Lauren, Christina and Amy]
Possibly the thing I love most about Cimorelli is the fact that all 6 are stars. While other groups have one main singer Cimorelli changes the lead vocals for every song based on their individual talents.

In a youtube video posted on their website they explained that the song originated from a poem by Katherine Cimorelli. All the girls suggested things they wanted in the future and Christina being the only one with a boyfriend wrote about things that actually happened. All in all, I love the song. It's original in the vein of Jessie J's single Price Tag. It's got a catchy melody and good lyrics backed up by the girl's famous harmonizing. I suggest everyone to buy their EP and watch their videos.

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