February 13, 2012

Another haul? God I'm ridiculous! My parents came up to visit me yesterday and told me to buy whatever I needed. So I thought I would share!
My best friend's birthday and valentine's day presents. She's spoiled

Her valentine's day

Her card, it's a joke because she makes these BEAUTIFUL cards and I have NO art skill to speak of.


My roommate's valentine's day presents

Her lotion. I love her camera so I was taking random photos xD

Charline's (: As soon as I remember to mail it to her...

Charline's lotion

My friend's lotion

My lunch box (: I'm SO pumped to use it tomorrow xD

Matching silverware xD

Matching thermos

My new headphones. IN love

I was out of this toothpaste. Worst thing about this kind is you don't always get the amount of toothpaste you should which SUCKS. The last time it was like exploding because it was so full and this time there was barely any in it.

That's it (: I'm hoping to do a polyvore sometime this week.

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