February 24, 2012

Hello my dolls! I'm taking a small break from my massive posting spree (17 posts in 8 days for you guys! Though they're each scheduled to be released at different times) to update you all on my current life. I'm wrapping up my second quarter of college in the next few weeks before beginning my last quarter as a freshman! This year has truly blown by so quickly it's ridiculous. I feel like I just moved into the dorms yesterday and now I have to start packing to move back home soon! It's crazy! And I just scheduled for my spring quarter. I'm freaking out to say the least! And in a few weeks I'll be beginning to think about what to take next year! So many more choices...it's so crazy! But I wanted to show you all my overachieving schedule! I'm quite excited to jump in on it.

9:30-10:48- French 102
11:00-12:18- History 557 (American Revolution & The birth of a new nation)
1:00-2:05- Math 75 (basic math because I'm horrid at it xD )
2:30-3:48- Sociology 463 (Sociology stratification.)
All on Monday, Wednesday, Friday so I can have Tuesdays & Thursdays off.

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