February 5, 2012

Food Revolution

Viva la France! Sorry I just had to make a reference to the French Revolution. Anyways I just spent the last few hours watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Really sad the show got canceled :( but through two seasons I've learned a lot from watching the show. One of the points that really stood out to me was his point about not eating anything when you don't know the ingredients listed on the back. And I was like woah, he has a really good point!

My parents are really big on healthy eating and dieting etc. And I honestly have been getting better with eating habits and yes drinking water! I just bought myself a nice plastic cup with a straw(a grown-up sippy cup) and I have been drinking water instead of coffee, soda and milk tea(which is my weakness). So yay for drinking more water! I've also started eating more avocado-which has tons of antioxidants and seaweed-which has numerous health benefits one of them being that it helps prevent Cancer.

The thing about eating healthy and exercising more is to know yourself and your limits. If you drink two cups of water now and you want to drink 8 cups of water a day now in about a week you are probably going to fail. And once you fail at it you say "Oh I can't do it!" and then you give up all together. So for the next week I want all of you lovely readers to drink a cup more of water per day until you reach eight and maintain it. And if you are one of the lucky ones who do drink eight cups a day, you go girl!

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