February 24, 2012

Making a difference and Success

I was sitting in my senior "Comparative Religions" class when my teacher said something that seemed very interesting to me. She mentioned that some people go into college wanting to get a good paying job that would allow them to buy "stuff" and that there are others who go in wanting to make a difference.

I have a problem with society separating those who make a difference to those who are successful in the worldly sense. Why can't both happen? Being successful just means you have greater means to serve the world. I plan to be a songwriter and yes, the pay for successful songwriters who write hits is quite high but the thing that gets me the most excited? The ability to inspire generations, to save lives.

God made us all unique so it makes sense that he would give us all different job duties. Not everyone can be CEO's of a Fortune 500 company or a priest. Too much of any profession is inefficient. So whatever God has called you to find a way to make a difference no matter the salary you make. It's the will to  make a difference that allows you to. Making a difference does NOT require you to give up your whole life to God or to be dirt poor.

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