February 11, 2012

Hello, my darlings! So last Saturday was my 19th birthday and because I have the most wonderful roommate in the world she got me a $25 gift card to Bath & Body works so on Monday we went to the mall to go shopping because she also wanted to go to Rue 21 and see what they had.

I ended up spending like $28 on 3 scents but they're all so worth it! Personally Bali Mango is my current favorite of the three. But I also ended up picking up Rio Rumberry and Paris Amour. Both of which are amazing as well!

So I've had the same wallet for about a year and a half now so when we went into Rue 21 I saw these little beauties just hanging out and had to have one! The price tag said $3 but I ended up spending $2 and I don't regret it! I'm in love with it.

Living in Ohio means we have cold winters. For whatever reason I don't own ear muffs. Well I do but they're like head bands and that's just not attractive with anything aside from a pony tail. So I saw these for $5 and decided "ehh...why not?" Turns out they were $1!

My favorite buy! I just love sunglasses and was going to buy a pair that were floral print instead but as my roommate kept pointing out to me they wouldn't go with every outfit so I settled on these beautiful $6 ones.

now to go ready another post for you all!

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